082. China Tied to Election Push

Trevor Loudon: China Tied to Election Push; the Global Socialist Agenda | Crossroads

Premiered Nov 27, 2020
As the United States and the world waits for the final results of the #2020elections, evidence is demonstrating numerous cases of fraud and irregularities that are calling into question the integrity of the U.S. Electoral System. Yet beyond this, many of the radical groups that have been involved with activities around the election have deep ties to the Chinese government. To learn more about this, and the broader agenda behind these groups, we spoke with author, filmmaker, and Epoch Times contributor Trevor Loudon.

081. You Give Them a Mile, They Take Your Whole Country

Rudy Giuliani: “You Give Them a Mile, and They Take Your Whole Country”

Nov. 29, 2020 (Minghui.org)

At the request of Senator Doug Mastriano, republican legislators in the Pennsylvania State Senate held a special hearing on the alleged voter fraud and irregularities in the 2020 election on the afternoon of November 25, 2020. The hearing took place in the Wyndham Hotel in Gettysburg. Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City and President Trump’s personal lawyer, attended the hearing and was the first speaker to testify.

Below is Giuliani’s full speech (subtitles added for clarity).

Senators, representatives, Senator Mastriano, and all the distinguished members of the legislature of Pennsylvania, we are very, very honored and very appreciative that you are giving us an opportunity to be heard, which we’ve been denied almost uniformly by the media and by legislatures elsewhere. All we ask is that you listen to the facts that we’re presenting and then evaluate it.

The Nation’s Values Are at Stake

I can’t help but note that we’re doing it here in Gettysburg. Over 156 years ago, the fate of our country hung in the balance, right here on this hallowed ground for three relentless days of bloody, close combat between two armies that lost over 50,000 casualties. The fate of our Republic was really decided that we’d be one nation, one union, one government sharing values that are enormously important to us. And I don’t want to overstate it, but I do believe that those values are at stake, not only in this election, but in the way this election was conducted, and what we’re going to do about it. Because if we allow elections in the future to be conducted the way this election was conducted, we will have lost our democracy, our representative democracy.

Right to Free Speech Taken Away

During the course of this election, we’ve come pretty close to losing our right to free speech. There’s been censorship that I’ve never seen before, of an incredible nature by big tech, big networks, big companies. They only allow one side to be heard and they refuse to allow the other side to be heard. It’s almost as if they’re afraid the American people, if they should learn these facts, will find out just who they are and what they’re about.

Similar Fraud Tactics in Six States

This voter fraud that took place, which as you will see from the witnesses that we call, had several dimensions to it, several different ways in which it was done. The most dangerous thing is, it is very, very similar in at least six states that we’ve been able to study. In other words, what we’re going to describe to you with these witnesses, happened in roughly the same way in Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, Arizona, and Georgia. Primary device, were the mail-in ballots. You know there was a fierce debate over whether we should have mail-in ballots in the first place.

Many scholars, many experts, always felt that mail-in ballots were very dangerous because they’re very easy to forge, it leads to more defrauding. We were warned by Justice Souter, among others. We were warned by President Jimmy Carter and former Secretary of State James Baker, in a report that they did on how to make elections more secure. They warned us that the one thing to do is do not go to general mail-in voting because every place it’s been used, it’s led to tremendous fraud. And that was reiterated, believe it or not in an article in the New York Times in 2012, an article they have now forgotten they wrote, that explained the same thing.

And I think what you’re going to find as you study your mail-in ballot procedure here in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and then in the six other places, this was a terrible mistake and it allowed the leadership of a party that had become pretty expert at voter fraud, to really go wild.

Witnesses we present are going to first show you that, in the case of Philadelphia, and in the case of Allegheny County, and one or two other counties, the mail-in ballots that were received, were not inspected at all by any Republican, they were hidden from Republicans. In the case of Philadelphia and Allegheny County, I can’t be absolutely certain, but I do believe the witnesses will show that a Republican never got to see a single ballot.

Now, you know how important that is to determining whether it is a valid ballot or not. There’s only one time you get to do that and that’s when you separate the envelope that possesses the verifying information from the ballot. The moment you separate them, you can no longer verify. You can’t go back and recount, you can’t go back and check paper ballot against the machine ballot, because it’s a private ballot, it’s an anonymous ballot, we want to keep it that way.

The only thing that identifies it, is that outer envelope. At that moment, when they’re separated, gone forever. That’s the moment at which inspections have been allowed, time immemorial, in America, Pennsylvania, all of our other 49 states. Several of the witnesses here have been doing this for 20 or 30 years, they’ve never heard of a situation in which the mail-in ballot was just put in without allowing a Republican, a Democrat, even third-party members to take one look at it and object to it, for the very reason that it’s too prone to fraud.

Think about this, in your state, Republicans were uniformly not allowed, kept out, put in chutes like they were cows, to keep them away from seeing these ballots. Never happened before. Not only that, the same thing was done in Michigan, the same thing was done in Wisconsin and on and on and on.

The Common Plan to Cheat

What’s the chance that, on the morning of November 3rd or 4th, when they started the count, that in each one of those places, the Democrat leadership of these highly-controlled Democrat cities, that have some history for corruption, and in the case of Philadelphia, a long history of voter fraud, I could show you the convictions, I don’t think I have to. What are the odds that they’re all going to wake up with the same idea?

After years and years of always examining together, absentee ballots, all of a sudden, in a year in which we have a couple million of them per state, we’re not going to allow any Republicans to see them. The person in Philly figures that out, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Milwaukee, Las Vegas, Nevada, or is it more likely that this was a common plan that maybe started with the whole idea of having mail ballots, because it gives you a much wider range to cheat?

When you had just a small number of absentee ballots, like 400,000, you have a certain range that you can cheat. When you have 250 or 2.5 million, you have a much bigger range to do that. When you hear that testimony about not being allowed to see the ballot, you have to understand it’s much more important than just that individual, just that individual ballot.

On election night, when I went to sleep, maybe when you did, President Trump was leading in your state by somewhere around 700 to 800,000 votes, depending on when you went to sleep. That’s a huge number of votes, 65% of the vote had been cast. Under normal circumstances, like if this were a fair media, your state would have been called for Trump. Virginia was called with 10% of the vote, it turned out to be separated by 1%. I think we may have actually won Virginia, but that’s another battle. Michigan, we were ahead by 300,000 votes, Wisconsin, more. Georgia, we were down to 90% and ahead. What are the odds that they all switched overnight? They just switched by the next day.

The Mysterious 700,000 Votes

I think you’re going to see how that happened. And I think there are a couple of statistics that you have to really closely look at. I’ll just mention them and then we’ll move on to the witnesses.

We have calculated, and the evidence will show, that there were 682,770 mail-in ballots that were entered into your votes, in just Allegheny County and in Philadelphia, that were not observed by any single Republican. Those ballots could have all been for Joe Biden, they could have all been for someone else, they could have had no identifying data, they could have been from the same person. There could have been multiples of them, there could have been no name on them.

We have no idea if that’s true and it will be very hard now to kind of put them together. We could ask and you could subpoena all of the outer envelopes. It’d be very interesting to take a look at the 682,770 outer envelopes. It would be very interesting if they were kept, and it would be very interesting to see how many of them weren’t filled out. But in any event, under the law of your state, which is set by you, those ballots are illegal. The judge mistakenly in his opinion, said that we want to disenfranchise 6 million people. We don’t want to disenfranchise anyone, we want to disqualify 682,000 votes so that 74 million people are not disenfranchised, because that’s what happened by the cheating that went on here.

I’ll give you one other enormously puzzling statistic. You sent out in the State of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, 1,823,148 absentee or mail-in ballots. You received back 1.4 million, approximately. However, in the count for President, you counted 2.5 million. I don’t know what accounts for that 700,000 difference between the number of ballots you sent out and the number of ballots that ended up in the count. That number, 2,589,242 was on your government website until yesterday. And yesterday, it was removed without explanation. I’m going to be very interested in hearing what the explanation is. And I can’t imagine you could possibly certify without knowing the explanation for that.

And I can’t imagine you could possibly certify without knowing the explanation to that, as well as the explanation to the 22,686 mail-in ballots that were returned on the day they were mailed. That’s a trick. How about 32,591 were returned the day after they were mailed? Another 20,000 were returned before they were mailed. Of course, I think this is a kind of a low count, and I guess, the crooks in Philadelphia are disappointed in this. They only submitted 8,021 ballots from dead people, mail-in ballots for dead people. Probably easier for dead people to submit mail-in ballots than it is to vote in person. You had about 30,000 of those. We’re checking the records of the cemeteries around Philadelphia. You have 4,984 mail-in ballots that were never requested, and on, and on, and on, and on.

Protect Our Constitution

Your election, because of these two counties and maybe one other, is a sham. It’s a disgrace to your state. And finally, I don’t need to remind you of this. I think I need to remind America of this. The election for president of United States is not run by the governor of your state. It’s not run by your election commissioner. The United States Constitution makes it clear who has the responsibility for running this election? Article ll, Section 1, Clause 2 of our Constitution doesn’t say that ABC gets to call the winner or CNN. It says, “Each state shall appoint in such manner as the legislature thereof may direct, a number of electors.” It’s the state legislature that controls this process. It’s your power. It’s your responsibility.

And I think you know, and you have to convince the rest of your members, Republican and Democrat, they owe that to the people of your state, and they owe that to the people of the United States. Because if this happens without consequence, if they can just enter 600,000 some odd mail-in ballots without allowing a single Republican to view it, what’s to say that next time, they won’t do a million or 2 million? I know crooks really well. You give them an inch, and they take a mile. And you give them a mile, and they take your whole country.

So, now, we’ll proceed with the witnesses.


080. Tsunami of voter fraud evidence is about to…

Tsunami of voter fraud evidence is about to sweep away media’s claim that Biden won

By Steven W. Mosher
November 27, 2020 (LifeSiteNews)

After a slow start, the Trump legal team is now well and truly underway, and intends to show that the November 3rd election was really won by their guy.

In Pennsylvania, a courageous judge has halted the certification while she looks at evidence of fraud. One question she might want to ask the Democrat Secretary of State: If there were only 1.8 million ballots requested, how is it possible that you received 2.5 million back in the mail?

In Wisconsin, a judge is reviewing a petition to throw out 150,000 potentially fraudulent ballots. This effort is led by Phil Kline of the Amistad Project. Pro-lifers will remember then-Attorney General Kline of Kansas from his years-long efforts to expose late-term abortionists and prosecute Planned Parenthood in that state some years ago.

In Georgia and Michigan, America’s favorite prosecutor, Sidney Powell has unleashed the Kraken. Her two 100-page plus lawsuits are chock-full of shocking examples of voter fraud, and have a plethora of affidavits appended.

A couple of my “favorite” scams:

In Georgia, at least 96,600 absentee ballots were requested and counted, but there is no record that they were actually returned to county election boards by the voter. Were they just created in-house by Democrat operatives?

Again in Georgia, “All 900 military ballots in Fulton county were 100% for Joe Biden.” Try flipping a coin and having it land “tails” 900 times in a row.

In Detroit, there were more votes cast than people of voting age, which seems unlikely on the face of it. Also, eyewitness report that vote counters were instructed to “pre-date” absentee ballots, and that they were also “overwriting” Trump votes to become Biden votes.

In Nevada, a judge is allowing the Trump team to present evidence of widespread voter fraud in a December 3rd hearing. Included will be evidence of 13,372 “phantom voters” who didn’t know their birthday or even their sex when they registered, and often put down casinos and RV parks as their home address. Definitely sketchy.

And finally, about electronic voter fraud, there is this from one of America’s leading cybersecurity experts quoted in Powell’s Georgia lawsuit:

Expert Navid Keshavarez-Nia explains that US intelligence services had developed tools to infiltrate foreign voting systems including Dominion. He states that Dominion’s software is vulnerable to data manipulation by unauthorized means and permitted election data to be altered in all battleground states. He concludes that hundreds of thousands of votes that were cast for President Trump in the 2020 general election were transferred to former Vice-President Biden. (Exhibit. 26).

What all this means is that the post-election charade that the Democrat candidate won is about to be swept away by a massive tsunami of evidence of voter fraud. I am afraid large sectors of America’s population are going to be off guard, however, when the states begin to flip.

The reason is that an Iron Curtain of censorship has descended upon the United States. The media, Twitter, and Facebook are doing their best to keep Americans in the dark about the corruption and the controversy. As Trump himself has noted, “Big tech and the Fake News Media have partnered to Suppress.”

Even so, two-thirds of Americans now say they want to get to the bottom of the fraud.

There seems something strangely unreal about the actions of “President-elect” Biden. He continues to announce cabinet picks, and the mainstream media reports his every move, but fewer and fewer people seem to be paying attention. His Thanksgiving address was watched by only 1,000 people, which seems a pretty paltry showing for someone whom the media claims received 80 million votes.

Even his own “Vice President-elect,” Kamala Harris, has yet to resign her Senate seat, which is not the behavior of someone who believes that, come January 20th, she will actually be sworn in as vice president.

Despite the overflowing evidence of both Hi-Tech and low tech fraud, there are still a few Republicans counseling surrender. Mitt Romney, not surprisingly, was one of the first. Ben Sasse and a couple of others have followed, telling the president that he should simply walk away without a fight. (It will be interesting to see if they have any connection to Dominion Voting Systems.)

Everyone needs to understand, even if a couple of senators don’t, that there is no walking away from this fight. This is not just about the 2020 election. Electronic voter fraud began shortly after Obama took office, and has been going on for a decade now.

We know that, by at least 2012, Trump was aware of it. In fact, shortly after the November 3rd election that year, he Tweeted out a warning to Mitt Romney that electronic voting machines were being used to commit ballot fraud. Romney chose not to contest the results, however, and quickly acknowledged Obama as the winner.

Donald Trump, as everyone knows by now, is made of sterner stuff. In almost every stump speech leading up to this year’s election, he warned of the dangers of mail-in ballots, and the possibility of massive voter fraud. He also hinted that he and his team would be watching, saying at various points that “We got ‘em all!” and “We have it all!”

Was he talking about electronically monitoring the election results in real time, or at least having access to servers that did? We’d better hope so, because this is no longer about a single presidential race. It is about the survival of the United States of America as a constitutional republic.

If the Leftist cabal behind the present election heist were to succeed, it would only embolden its members to cheat even more brazenly next time. A tiny oligarchy would effectively be in charge of the U.S., the Constitution would become a dead letter, and rule by laws rather than rule of law would become the order of the day.

In his inaugural address, President Ronald Reagan reminded Americans that “freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” His warning has striking resonance today. We face a unique hi-tech threat to our elections from both within and also from without the U.S.

We must pray that Trump is not only re-elected, but that he “gets them all.” And then we must pass comprehensive national election standards to ensure free and fair elections in the future, even in corrupt Democrat-run cities like Philadelphia.

If we do not now cure our body politic of the poison that has infected it, we run the risk, as President Reagan warned, that “we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States when men were free.”

Steven W. Mosher is the President of the Population Research Institute and the author of Bully of Asia: Why China’s Dream is the New Threat to World Order


079. Digital Forensic Analysis: Dominion Connected to Iran and China

Digital Forensic Analysis Shows Dominion’s Server Connected to Iran and China: Affidavit

By Tom Ozimek
November 27, 2020

A digital forensic analysis by a former military intelligence analyst whose name was redacted in an affidavit accompanying attorney Sidney Powell’s lawsuit against Michigan officials, claims to present “unambiguous evidence” that Dominion Voter Systems servers were accessible to and were “certainly compromised by rogue actors, such as Iran and China.”

Powell’s complaint, filed on Nov. 25 against Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, and the Michigan Board of State Canvassers, cites the affidavit (pdf) as authored by a former electronic intelligence analyst under 305th Military Intelligence and purporting to show that “the Dominion software was accessed by agents acting on behalf of China and Iran in order to monitor and manipulate elections, including the most recent US general election in 2020.”

A separate complaint (pdf) in Georgia, expands on the assertion, claiming that, “by using servers and employees connected with rogue actors and hostile foreign influences combined with numerous easily discoverable leaked credentials, Dominion neglectfully allowed foreign adversaries to access data and intentionally provided access to their infrastructure in order to monitor and manipulate elections, including the most recent one in 2020.”

The analyst, who claimed to have “extensive experience as a white hat hacker used by some of the top election specialists in the world,” said that they scanned Dominion network nodes and found a number of interrelationships with foreign entities, including access to Dominion’s server by a network from Hunan, China. Another forensic review confirmed links to an Iranian IP address, the analyst wrote, and concluded that the totality of “these scanning behaviors showed that foreign agents of aggressor nations had access to US voter lists, and had done so recently.”

The analyst said the findings represent a “complete failure” on the part of Dominion to provide “basic cyber security.”

“This is not a technological issue, but rather a governance and basic security issue: if it is not corrected, future elections in the United States and beyond will not be secure and citizens will not have confidence in the results,” the analyst concluded.

Dominion has not responded to a query from The Epoch Times regarding the allegations, although the company issued a statement on Wednesday, the same day Powell filed the Michigan lawsuit, with Dominion saying there were “unfounded allegations being made against the company and its voting systems” in recent days.

The company added: “Dominion voting systems are designed and certified by the U.S. government to be closed and do not rely on network connectivity. Dominion’s tabulators also do not have exposed USB or other memory ports.”

It came after Powell alleged in her lawsuit that “hundreds of thousands of illegal, ineligible, duplicate, or purely fictitious ballots” were enabled by “massive election fraud.”

The suit claimed that election software and hardware from Dominion Voting Systems used by the Michigan Board of State Canvassers helped facilitate the fraud.

“The Dominion systems derive from the software designed by Smartmatic Corporation, which became Sequoia in the United States,” the complaint reads (pdf).

Dominion said that it has no financial or organizational ties to Smartmatic, although it said it purchased assets from a company formerly owned by Smartmatic. Both Dominion and Smartmatic have denied ties to foreign governments.

Jack Phillips contributed to this report.

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078. Data Scientist: Weird Voter Registrations in Nevada

Data Scientist: ‘Weird’ Spike in Incomplete Nevada Voter Registrations, Use of ‘Casinos’ as Home Addresses

By Jack Phillips
November 27, 2020

An affidavit filed by Republicans in Nevada, citing a data scientist, shows an allegedly inexplicable jump in voter registrations in the state.

The scientist, Dorothy Morgan, referenced in their affidavit, said she spotted a “historically strange” increase in voter registrations missing the sex and age of the voter, as well as registrations where casinos and RV parks are provided as “their home or mailing addresses” in the Third Congressional District, which covers much of Clark County and Las Vegas.

Citing the other presidential elections as a reference point, Morgan said there were 68 voter registrations missing the critical data in 2016. But in 2020, there were 13,372 voters missing that data, she said.

About 74 percent of the allegedly incomplete registrations occurred between July 2020 and September 2020, Morgan found, according to the affidavit.

“This investigation found over 13,000 voters whose voter registration information revealed no sex or date of birth. Not only does this mean we cannot verify whether these voters are old enough to vote, it is also historically strange: While one does not expect voter registration information to be perfect, it is very strange that there were very, very few of these kinds of imperfect records with missing or invalid information until this year—when there are 13,372 of them,” the data scientist said, according to an affidavit obtained by the Washington Examiner.

Morgan noted the unusual address, saying that casinos and RV parks were listed.

“I have also identified dozens of voters who listed as their home or mailing addresses a temporary RV park and casino,” she wrote.

In an interview with the newspaper, Morgan said on Thanksgiving Day that she found the data “weird.” There were “just a lot of people who have zero birthdays, zero birth month, and then, unknown sex,” she continued.

“I saw is that you have a handful of people and then all of a sudden you have 13,000 people making that error in 2020, and that’s just, that’s not right,” Morgan added.

The scientist said that her findings are merely scratching the surface.

“Based on the results I have found in the limited time I have had to analyze this dataset, I expect to find additional oddities in the election data as I conduct further analysis,” she wrote.

Nevada’s Secretary of State’s office has not responded to a request for comment on Friday.

Nevada’s election data shows Democrat Joe Biden with a more than 30,000-vote lead over President Donald Trump. Earlier this week, the state’s Supreme Court certified Biden’s win.

Jesse Binnall, an attorney for the Trump campaign in Nevada, said on Nov. 24 that he will prove that many fraudulent votes were cast in the Silver State, asserting that Trump is the rightful winner of Nevada’s six Electoral College votes.


077. Powell Makes 30 Allegations in Georgia

Sidney Powell Suit Makes 30 Allegations in Bid to Invalidate Georgia Election Results

By Petr Svab
November 26, 2020; Updated November 27, 2020

A lawsuit released by lawyers led by former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell makes 30 allegations of electoral fraud and other illegal and irregular activities and features pertaining to the 2020 general elections in Georgia(pdf).

The allegations, most of which are based on witness and expert statements, relate to mail-in ballot fraud and insecurities, recount irregularities and deficiencies, and security hazards of the Dominion Voting Systems machines used by the state.

The suit alleges the following:

1. The software used by the Dominion machines was accessed by agents of malicious actors, such as China and Iran, “in order to monitor and manipulate elections,” including the 2020 election. The allegation is based on a redacted declaration of a former electronic intelligence analyst under 305th Military Intelligence.
“By using servers and employees connected with rogue actors and hostile foreign influences combined with numerous easily discoverable leaked credentials, Dominion neglectfully allowed foreign adversaries to access data and intentionally provided access to their infrastructure in order to monitor and manipulate elections, including the most recent one in 2020,” the suit says.

2. An affiant, whose name was redacted for security reasons, alleged that the software used by Dominion was designed for Venezuelan government with the specific purpose to rig elections without the risk of getting caught. The affiant said he was part of a national security detail to former Venezuelan socialist dictator Hugo Chavez.
“The purpose of this conspiracy was to create and operate a voting system that could change the votes in elections from votes against persons running the Venezuelan government to votes in their favor in order to maintain control of the government,” he said.
The allegation was corroborated by another witness who “was in an official position related to elections and witnessed manipulations of petitions to prevent a removal of President Chavez.”

3. Another affiant said he’s the cousin of the former chief executive of Smartmatic, the company that developed the software adopted by Dominion. He said he has personal knowledge that the executive manipulated the company “to ensure the election for Chavez in the 2004 Referendum in Venezuela,” the suit says.
He also testified that the executive, Anthony Mugica, “received tens of millions of dollars from 2003–2015 from the Venezuelan government to ensure Smartmatic technology would be implemented around the world, including in the U.S.,” the suit says.

4. The vote tallies produced by the Dominion machines can be manipulated by imputing a malicious code with just “7 minutes alone with [the voting machine] and a screwdriver,” according to Andrew Appel, Princeton professor of computer science and election security expert.

5. A ballot can be spoiled or altered by the Dominion machine because “the ballot marking printer is in the same paper path as the mechanism to deposit marked ballots into an attached ballot box,” a study by University of California–Berkeley said. It indicates that after a voter submits a ballot to the machine, the machine can add additional marks on it.

6. The voting machines are susceptible to hacking or remote tampering because they are connected to the internet, even though they’re not supposed to be.
“Voting machines were able to be connected to the internet by way of laptops that were obviously internet accessible,” the suit says. “If one laptop was connected to the internet, the entire precinct was compromised.”
Affiant Hari Hursti, a Finnish computer programmer and election security expert, said, “There is evidence of remote access and remote troubleshooting, which presents a grave security implication.”

7. The voting machines have activity logs that can be overwritten, according to Hursti. That means hackers or malevolent operators can tamper with the results and then erase their steps.

8. Ronald Watkins, a software and cyber-security expert who reviewed the Dominion software manual, said the machine operators can change the setting to exclude certain ballots from being counted (based on how much of the “bubble” they had filled in to indicate a vote for a candidate). Scans of the excluded ballots are placed in a separate folder and the operator can delete them simply using Windows File Manager.

9. Watkins said that to report the final vote counts, the machine operator would copy and paste the “Results” folder from the machine onto a USB drive.
“While a simple procedure, this process may be error-prone and is very vulnerable to malicious administrators,” he said.

10. There are no procedures that would ensure the security of the USB drives used to report vote tallies from precincts. In one Georgia County, 3,300 votes were found on memory sticks not loaded into the central vote tally system, the suit says.

11. The test report and secretary of state certificate for the voting machines are undated.

12. Smartmatic faces litigation over “glitches” that allegedly affected the 2010 and 2013 mid-term elections in the Philippines, “raising questions of cheating and fraud,” the suit says.

13. Between 31,559 and 38,886 absentee ballots were returned by Republican voters, but were not counted, according to an analysis by expert witness Williams Briggs, a statistician and former Cornell Medical School professor, based on a phone survey of potentially affected GOP voters by the team of former Trump campaign member Matt Braynard.

14. Between 16,938 and 22,771 Republican voters received absentee ballots they didn’t request, based on the same analysis. That indicates unlawful absentee requests, the suit alleges.

15. Based on Braynard’s analysis of voter registrations and change-of-address requests, 20,311 absentee or early voters in Georgia voted even though they had moved out of state, which the state prohibits.

16. Georgia entered into an unlawful consent agreement with Democratic Party agencies that gutted the effectiveness of matching signatures on absentee ballot envelopes with signatures on record with the authorities. The matching was reduced “to a broad process with discretion, rather than enforcement of the signature requirement as statutorily required,” the suit says.
The signature matching procedure was influenced by “guidance and training materials” produced by the Democratic Party.

17. Gov. Brian Kemp illegally authorized election officials to open outer envelopes of absentee ballots three weeks before the election. Georgia law “clearly prohibits opening absentee ballots prior to election day,” the suit says.

18. Georgia’s hand recount of the presidential race was illegitimate for a lack of meaningful observation.
“Democrat-majority counties provided political parties and candidates, including the Trump Campaign, no meaningful access or actual opportunity to review and assess the validity of mail-in ballots during the pre-canvassing meetings,” the suit says.
The allegation is based on multiple recount observer testimonies.

19. Votes for President Donald Trump were placed during the recount into vote piles for Trump’s opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden. The allegation is based on multiple observer testimonies, as well as an undercover video produced by Project Veritas, an undercover journalism nonprofit.

20. Some ballots from the “No Vote” and “Jorgensen” trays were moved to the “Biden” tray. One witness made the allegation.

21. Many voters weren’t allowed to cancel their mail-in ballot on Election Day and vote in person. One witness made the allegation.

22. The same witness alleged that many voters were denied the option to cast a provisional ballot on Election Day “when a mail-in ballot has already been received for them, but when they did not cast those mail-in ballots,” the suit says.

23. Signatures on mail-in ballot envelopes weren’t verified during the recount, one witness alleged. “At no time did I witness any Recounter or individual participate in the recount verifying signatures [on mail-in ballots],” the affiant said.

24. Some counties didn’t actually recount the ballots by hand, but instead used machines.

25. One batch of ballots was suspiciously “pristine.” Almost all were for Biden. The allegation is based on an observer testimony, who professed “20 years of experience of handling ballots.”
One batch of ballots “was pristine” and “there was a difference in the texture of the paper,” according to the witness.
“I observed that the markings for the candidates on these ballots were unusually uniform, perhaps even with a ballot-marking device,” she said.
The ballots also “included a slight depressed pre-fold so they could be easily folded and unfolded for use in the scanning machines.”

26. The same witness also alleged that at one precinct in Milton, Georgia, poll workers were “asked to sign the chain of custody letter on Sunday, even though the machines were not delivered until 2:00 AM in the morning on Election Day.”
In addition, the machines “were not sealed or locked, the serial numbers were not what were reflected on the related documentation,” she said.

27. Many batches of ballots were “100% for Biden,” one witness alleged.

28. The same witness also alleged “that the watermark on at least 3 ballots were solid gray instead of transparent, leading me to believe the ballot was counterfeit.” Local elections director offered the explanation that the ballots in question came from a different printer.

29. Authorities lied by claiming vote counting was paused in Fulton County because of “a water leak affecting the room where absentee ballots were being tabulated.”
“The only water leak that needed repairs at State Farm Arena from November 3 – November 5 was a toilet overflow that occurred earlier on November 3. It had nothing to do with a room with ballot counting,” the suit says.

30. After everyone was “sent home,” one witness “saw election workers remaining behind after people were told to leave, the suit says, alleging that several people stayed behind to continue counting ballots without any observers present.


The lawsuit asks the court to order Georgia to do the following:

1. de-certify the election results

2. not transmit the currently certified election results to the Electoral College

3. transmit instead certified election results that state that Trump is the winner of the election

4. impound all the voting machines and software in Georgia for expert inspection by the plaintiffs

5. not count votes received or tabulated by machines that weren’t certified as required by federal and state law

6. produce 36 hours of security camera footage of all rooms used in the voting process at State Farm Arena in Fulton County

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076. No Escape from Justice

Communist Party Leaders and Dictators Cannot Escape Accountability for Their Crimes

Nov. 25, 2020 | By QiuYu (Minghui.org)

The U.S. House of Representatives introduced a bill (H.R.8491) on October 4, 2020, designating the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as a transnational criminal organization. Once passed, the bill would provide a legal basis for the CCP to be prosecuted, punished and eradicated, along with the dark shadow of global communism to be completely cleared out.

For over 100 years since the establishment of the communist system, the Party has perpetrated slaughter, disease, famine, cultural destruction and genocide. According to “The Black Book of Communism” by Karel Bartosek, as many as 100 million people died as a result of communist revolution in the 20th century alone, including 20 million in the Soviet Union, 65 million in China, 1 million in Vietnam, 2 million in North Korea, 2 million in Cambodia, 1 million in Eastern Europe, 150,000 in Latin America, 1.7 million in Africa, and 1.5 million in Afghanistan. Scholars believe that the above figures are lower than the actual death toll.

For example, there are at least 80 million victims of communist ideology in China, while the death toll caused by the Great Famine in Ukraine in the former Soviet Union amounted to 30 million.

In 2015, former Baltic communist countries in Eastern Europe, including Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and others, appealed for the formation of an international tribunal to try the crimes of communism. Some scholars believe that it would be more difficult and complicated to prosecute communism than Nazism because under a communist system, many are both perpetrators and victims.

Other scholars believe that although the prosecution of the communist system is more of symbolic significance than one of actual impact, history shows us that once the iron curtain of a communist regime collapses, the top leaders of the Communist Party in a totalitarian system will still be held accountable for their crimes.

The Fate of Communist Leaders in East Germany

There was a joke circulating in East Germany (officially known as the German Democratic Republic, or GDR) before the fall of the Berlin Wall: Three prisoners were sharing why they were put in jail. Prisoner A said: “I was late for work, they charged me for destroying the country’s productivity and said that I was a societal pest;” Prisoner B said: “I came to work early, and they said I must be a spy sent by the West to steal important secrets;” Prisoner C said: “I always got to work on time, neither early nor late. They said that my watch must be made in West Germany and I therefore was not patriotic.”

The East German secret police agency “Stasi” had a staff of 91,000 and 173,000 non-staff informants before the regime collapsed. After the disintegration of East Germany, people learned that the Stasi files on tracking, monitoring, and interrogation, if stacked together, would measure 180 kilometers long. In addition, there were 40 million cards and hundreds of thousands of phone tapping records. The files involved 5 million people, nearly 1/3 of the total population.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, Erich Honecker, leader of the East German Socialist Unity Party (Communist Party), escaped to the Soviet Union, but Gorbachev had no intention of taking him in. He was imprisoned by the German people upon returning to his home country. He was released on bail for late-stage cancer and died in Santiago, Chile six months later.

Honecker’s successor Egon Krenz, General Secretary of the East German Socialist Unity Party, was arrested by the presiding judge at the Berlin Federal Court on August 5, 1997. The 60-year-old communist party leader was accused of killing people who tried to escape from East Germany. He was later given six-and-a-half years in prison. His followers, former Politburo member and economist Günther Kleiber, 65, and former East Berlin First Secretary Günter Schabowski, 67, each received a three-year term.

Markus Wolf, former head of the foreign intelligence division of East Germany’s secret police, was listed as a wanted criminal on the run. Denied entry wherever he sought shelter, he returned to Germany and was arrested. He was sentenced to 6 years in prison in 1993 for treason, bribery and other crimes. The charges were later dropped, but he was convicted again in 1997 for unlawful detention, coercion, and bodily harm, and was given a suspended sentence of two years of imprisonment.

On August 17, 1962, two German border guards shot and killed 18-year-old Peter Fechter, a young man who tried to cross over the Berlin Wall. Fechter’s pelvic bone was crushed and he fell in a pool of his own blood. He struggled in pain for 50 minutes before he died. Thirty-five years later, two former border guards in their 50s were charged with manslaughter and sentenced to imprisonment on probation by the Berlin State Court. Fechter’s younger sister appeared in court to testify against the criminals, saying: “I came here today only for justice, not for hatred.”

Romanian Communist Leader Ceausescu and His Wife Were Executed

Nicolae Ceausescu, leader of the Romanian Communist Party, left behind a legacy of a crazed, cruel dictatorship. In 1980, he promulgated The Great Romanian Typewriter Decree to control typewriters as if they were murder weapons. He also had a dog called “Comrade Corbu,” which was given the rank of colonel. When he visited a hospital in Bucharest, “Colonel Corbu” was bitten by a cat. Ceausescu was so furious over the incident that he ordered the demolition of the hospital that treated 50,000 patients every year.

Ceausescu had a total of 62 palaces and villas, 22 hunting lodges across Romania, as well as 17 luxury private jets. He and his wife had thousands of management and security staff, and more than one hundred service personnel. During his 24 years in power, the first family’s food expenses were equivalent to 15 million yuan (or US $2.3 million). The living expenses of “Comrade Corbu” amounted to 3 million yuan (or US $460,000). Take the menu for “Colonel Corbu” on December 2, 1982 for example. It included: Two French croissants, one kilogram of Bersania meat rolls, one kilogram of milk, and LATZ dog biscuits for breakfast; four kilograms of beef vegetable soup (beef pieces, 500 grams of noodles or rice, carrots, celery, salt) for lunch; one kilogram of Bersania meat rolls, 500 grams of macaroni or vermicelli, and 500 grams of cheese and sweet pudding for dinner. The food and drink had to be tasted by a “specialist doctor” to confirm its safety before being fed to “Colonel Corbu.” All of this was happening when ordinary Romanian people had to wait in long queues on the street for a piece of bread.

A mass gathering of 100,000 people was held in the Central Square of Bucharest on December 21, 1989, at which Ceausescu was to make another one of his public speeches. However, to his great dismay, he did not hear the usual “Long live Ceausescu” from the people, but a thunderous “Down with Ceausescu!” The situation soon went out of control and his orders failed to take any effect; the army turned to support the people and Ceausescu fled with his wife and a few close followers. He and his wife were arrested the next day, and four days later on Christmas Day, a special military tribunal sentenced them to death. They were shot dead in an open space in front of the toilet block in a military barracks.

Former Communist Leaders in Czech Brought to Trial

Criminal proceedings were filed in 2019 against 97-year-old Miloš Jakeš, the last leader of the Czech Communist Party, 95-year-old Lubomír Štrougal, former prime minister of the Czechoslovak Republic, and 89-year-old Vratislav Vajnar, former head of the Interior Ministry.

Jan Leleko, Prosecutor General of the Prague Region Public Prosecutor’s Office, said that the Communist Crime Investigation Bureau accused these men of abuse of power and causing deaths when they used military weapons on the Czech border. Jakeš served as leader of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia from 1987 to 1989. On November 24, 1989, a week after the outbreak of the “Velvet Revolution” that changed history, Jakeš stepped down amidst waves of national protests. On November 29, the Czechoslovak communist regime collapsed.

According to documents provided by the police and data from the Communist Crime Investigation Bureau, 9 people were shot dead from March 1976 to the end of 1989 and no fewer than 7 people were attacked by border police dogs. In 1976, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights came into effect, which guarantees that every citizen has the freedom to leave any country, including his own.

Leleko said that these three people knew that incidents on the border of Czechoslovakia had gone so far that the border guards used military weapons on citizens who tried to leave the Czech Republic. “Nonetheless, they did nothing to prohibit the use of military weapons [on civilians].”

Miloš Jakeš was charged with multiple crimes including treason. He died of natural causes on July 10, 2020.

Former Hungarian Communist Party Leader Arrested for Suppressing Civilian Uprising

Former Hungarian Communist Party leader Béla Biszku was arrested towards the end of 2012, after being accused of suppressing the people’s uprising in 1956 by force. He is the only member of the Provisional Executive Committee of the Communist Party in 1956 who is still alive today. He was also the first Communist Party leader subjected to criminal investigation at that time.

On October 23, 1956, the Hungarian people staged an uprising against the rule of the Soviet Union. To suppress the uprising, Soviet tanks drove into Budapest. By November 4th, at least 3,000 Hungarian civilians had been killed and 200,000 fled to Western countries.

Béla Biszku served as minister of the Interior in the Hungarian puppet government controlled by the Soviet Union. During war time, he failed to protect civilians and ordered security forces to shoot and kill 51 people. If convicted, he could face life imprisonment. On May 14, 2014, the Budapest Court sentenced Biszku to 5 years and 6 months for war crimes and other offenses.

Bulgarian Communist Party Leader Todor Zhivkov Accused of Abuse of Power

Todor Zhivkov became head of the Bulgarian Communist Party in 1954. After the dramatic changes in Eastern Europe, he was relieved of his posts as General Secretary of the Central Committee, member of the Politburo and Chairman of the State Council in November 1989, and was expelled from the party in December of the same year. He was detained and interrogated in January 1990, and was sentenced to 7 years in prison in September 1992 by the Bulgarian Supreme Court for the crime of “abusing power to obtain benefits for himself and others.” He died of illness on August 5, 1998.

Poland’s Former Leader Wojciech Jaruzelski Tried for Suppression of the People

Wojciech Jaruzelski became the only general in Poland in 1973, and became leader of Poland in 1980. Later, he held top positions as the First Secretary of the Party Central Committee, Prime Minister, and Minister of Defense. When Poland undertook a dramatic change in 1989, Jaluzelski was also elected as President of Poland, but he had already lost real power by then. On September 12, 2008, Wojciech Yaruzelski, 85 years old, was tried by the court, mainly because he used the army to suppress the people when he was in power. He passed away in 2014.

Milošević of Yugoslavia Charged with War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity

Milošević was elected secretary of the Belgrade City Committee of Yugoslavia in 1984 and began to purge anti-communists. In 1989, Milošević abolished Kosovo’s autonomy and declared war with Croatia in 1991 and Bosnia in 1992. In May 1999, the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in The Hague brought charges against Milošević and four other Serbian high-level politicians with war crimes and issued arrest warrants. The charges included murder of Albanians in the Kosovo region and serious violations of international humanitarian law. He was the first sitting head of state in history to be charged with such crimes. His wife and his children were also charged with multiple crimes. Milosevic died in prison in April 2001.

Former Khmer Rouge Leaders Sentenced to Life Imprisonment

During the reign of the Khmer Rouge, 1.5 to 3 million Cambodian people died of unnatural causes across the country, about a quarter of Cambodia’s total population at the time. Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge received strong support and assistance from the CCP and Mao Zedong himself. According to academic statistics, in 1975 alone, the CCP offered Khmer Rouge at least US$1 billion in the form of interest-free economic and military assistance and US$20 million as a “gift.”

After the Khmer Rouge gained real power in Cambodia in April 1975, it began to vigorously promote communism. During this period, Mao Zedong personally met with Pol Pot, and Zhang Chunqiao (one of the “Gang of Four” of Mao’s close followers) personally visited Cambodia. The Khmer Rouge regime copied the CCP’s “Great Leap Forward” and forced all the urban population to migrate to the countryside, where a huge number of people died from disease, overwork or malnutrition as a result. Pol Pot declared that he would “cleanse the civilians” and began mass killings and purges within the party. At the same time, he carried out a massacre in Baju in Vietnam.

Pol Pot died in 1998 and therefore could not stand trial. The UN-funded Special Cambodia Tribunal sentenced Khmer Rouge’s notorious Tuol Sleng Prison chief Kaing Guek Eav (better known as “Comrade Duch”) to life in prison in 2006. In 2014, the special tribunal convicted Khmer Rouge’s chief ideologist Nong Chea for crimes against humanity, alongside Khieu Samphan, former head of the state presidium of Democratic Kampuchea. In 2018, 92-year-old Chea and 87-year-old Khieu Samphan were convicted of genocide and imprisoned for life.

Dr. Yang Jianli, founder of human rights organization Citizen Power, said although such a trial was a bit late, it was still very necessary. This is because red terrorist regimes built on the basis of communism still continue to exist in the world, including in China, North Korea, Cuba, and Vietnam. The trial in Cambodia tells everyone that any ruler’s brutality will eventually be judged by history.

Dictator Saddam Hussein Sentenced to Death by Hanging

When Saddam Hussein was in power, an estimate of 2 million Iraqis were killed and 4 million fled the country. The Iraqi overseas human rights organization, Iraq Foundation, pointed out that Iraq was turned into a Nazi-style police state after Saddam and his Baathist accomplices came to power after a coup in July 1968. Forty-two years later, on November 5, 2006, after the US-Iraq War, the Iraqi Special Tribunal sentenced Saddam to death by hanging.

The Demise of Dictator Gaddafi

Former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi always had a sentence on the tip of his tongue: “It’s not me who is in power, but the people.” He put forward the “third theory in the world” in May 1973, and wrote three “Green Papers,” which were made as “must read” for the Libyan people from childhood. During the 42 years of Gaddafi’s administration, between 4,000 and 5,000 people disappeared in Libya. On one occasion, machine guns were fired for two hours in a prison to slaughter political dissidents. On October 20, 2011, the Libyan interim government announced that the country’s former leader Gaddafi had been killed in an attack in his hometown Sirte by the armed forces of the interim government.

Former Egyptian President Mubarak Was Sentenced to Life

Hosni Mubarak, former Egyptian president, was addressed by the CCP as an “old friend of the Chinese people.” He was ousted by the Egyptian people in 2011. In June 2012, the Cairo Criminal Court found him guilty of ordering the suppression of demonstrators, which led to hundreds of deaths. He was sentenced to life imprisonment, and died in Cairo on February 25, 2020.

Former CCP Leader Jiang Zemin Facing About 200,000 Criminal Complaints Against Him

In 1999, Jiang Zemin and the CCP launched a brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, resulting in hundreds of millions of people being unlawfully suppressed. More than 100,000 people were put in prisons or forced labor camps where they were subjected to torture, and even to live organ harvesting for huge profit in transplantation surgeries, the victims’ bodies burned to destroy evidence. The state-sanctioned organ harvesting scheme has been described by Canadian human rights attorney David Matas as a “form of evil yet to be seen on this planet.”

Judge Octavio Araoz de Lamadrid of the Argentina Federal Court No. 9 made a historic decision on December 17, 2009, issuing international arrest warrants for former CCP leader Jiang Zemin and Luo Gan, former head of the 610 Office, for their role in the persecution of Falun Gong. Earlier, the Spanish National Court had also, in an unprecedented move, prosecuted China’s former head of state Jiang Zemin and other five senior CCP officials for persecuting Falun Gong and their related involvement in torture and massacre.

In 2015, at least 200,000 people in China filed criminal complaints with the Supreme Procuratorate, Supreme Court, Ministry of Public Security and other central departments, using their real names, against Jiang Zemin, demanding that the authorities punish Jiang in accordance with the law for crimes against humanity committed in the persecution of Falun Gong.

WOIPFG Has Completed Evidence Preparation for the Trial of the CCP

On July 20, 2017, the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (WOIPFG) announced at an anti-persecution rally in Washington DC that it had completed the preparation of evidence for the trial of the CCP.

WOIPFG stated: “According to the massive evidences obtained from WOIPFG’s systematic investigations over the past 10 years, it is confirmed that since 1999, the CCP criminal group headed by the former CCP leader Jiang Zemin has manipulated the entire state apparatus, including the party, the government, the military, the armed police, the judicial system and medical institutions to systematically persecute Falun Gong practitioners. In particular, they carried out genocide of Falun Gong practitioners across China by way of criminal organ transplantation. This is a state-sanctioned crime against humanity under the order of Jiang Zemin and led by the CCP.”

As of June 29, 2020, a total of 26,117 responsible units and 88,483 individuals were reported, among them 11,682 were from the 610 Office system, and 15,709 in the Political and Legal Committee system; 9,519 doctors are suspected of participating in live organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners, with 891 hospitals involved.

On June 17, 2019, an independent people’s tribunal, the China Tribunal, delivered a final judgment in London, concluding that the CCP regime has conducted large-scale live organ harvesting against a group of people, mainly Falun Gong practitioners, and was guilty beyond any doubt of crimes against humanity and torture. The tribunal found that the government under the CCP is a criminal regime.

Throughout the ages, good and evil have been duly rewarded or met with retribution. Those working within the CCP system who still regard the persecution of Falun Gong as their “job” should immediately stop at the edge of the precipice, recognize the evil nature of the CCP, be clear-headed about the coming demise of the CCP, and find a way out at this most critical moment in history.


075. The Shadow of Communism Behind the U.S. Election

The Shadow of Communism Behind the U.S. Election

Nov. 27, 2020 (Minghui.org)

How far is communism from us? Depending on how one sees it, it could be as distant as across the ocean in communist China, or it could be around the street corner.

In Seattle earlier this year, a protest organizer was interviewed. “I’m not here to peacefully protest,” he declared, “You cannot rebuild until you break it all the way down.”

What kind of ideology is this? The closest one is what Karl Marx coined in Communist Manifesto. “The Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims,” Marx wrote, “They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions.”

The Manifesto, as we know, was the driving force behind the French Revolution (Paris Revolution), Soviet Union, East European Communism, and Communist China. So, where will this lead us to?

“If we add to this list the deaths caused by communist regimes that the Soviet Union created and supported—including those in Eastern Europe, China, Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam and Cambodia—the total number of victims is closer to 100 million. That makes communism the greatest catastrophe in human history,” wrote a November 2016 Wall Street Journal article titled “100 Years of Communism—and 100 Million Dead.”

The Boiling Frog Phenomenon

While historians and scholars have reviewed what can be learned from history, many have failed to detect the emerging communism in the new era, including that on American soil.

“No, China and the U.S. aren’t locked in an ideological battle. Not even close,” declared Washingtonian Post in the title of an May 2019 article.

“China’s Economic Success Proves the Power of Capitalism,” announced Forbes in the title of another article two months later.

Now let us check what Marx said about this. In the Manifesto, he wrote, “A spectre is haunting Europe — the spectre of communism.” That implies at least two things. First, as a specter communism could attach and occupy whoever fits its ideology. Secondly, it could disguise itself – wherever needed and whenever possible – to adapt to the environment, especially when running at large such as in Asia and the Americas.

History has proven this. From the Paris Commune to the Gulag Archipelago, from the Cultural Revolution to the totalitarian regime in Pyongyang, each has its own characteristics. And yet, their ideology, terror, and damage – socially and culturally – are largely the same.

So, how about socialism? Some people confuse it with communism and are not aware they are essentially the same thing. Sergey Nechayev, Russian’s socialism pioneer, was a loyal follower of Marx. Vladimir Lenin referred to him as “titan of the revolution” and required all communists to read Nechayev’s writings such as “Catechism of a Revolutionist.”

Nechayev listed 26 aspects in this piece. In the 14th item, he wrote, “Aiming at implacable revolution, the revolutionist may and frequently must live within society while pretending to be completely different from what he really is, for he must penetrate everywhere, into all the higher and middle-level social formations, into the merchant’s commercial establishment, into the church, the gentry estate, and the world of the bureaucrat and military, into literature…”

With these approaches, he would achieve the goal as described in the 26th, and last item, “To weld this world into one single unconquerable and all-destructive force – this is our organization, our conspiracy, our task.”

During the Cold War era, Western society was weary of the communism influence and maintained a political division. But the communism ideology’s infiltration had never stopped since John Reed in 1917 and Edgar Snow in the 1930s. After Western society loosened its guard on the communism and nurtured its growth, China quickly grew to become the second largest economic entity in the world, all the while actively pushing the communism ideology worldwide. This includes the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), high technologies such as Huawei, and a goal of Community of Common Destiny for All Mankind (a term from the CCP which was later called Community of Shared Future for Mankind).

Although the current U.S. administration has taken actions to counter the CCP through trade talks, ban of Huawei technologies, closing of Confucius Institutes and so on, the Boiling Frog phenomenon caused by the decades-long infiltration was already deep and wide. As the coronavirus epidemic broke out in China in late 2019, hardly any country or organization was able to safeguard against the CCP’s massive disinformation and continued cover-up.

By the end of November 2020, over 60 million people in nearly 200 countries have been infected with coronavirus with a death toll of more than 1.4 million. This is the price of our trust in communism.

And it is only the tip of the iceberg.

Shadows of Communism

Defending the free world is not easy. In addition to external challenges from the CCP, the communist elements also surfaced inside the U.S. as shown in the past few months, especially during the presidential election.

Violence and Hatred

In the name of fighting racial discrimination, riots occurred across the U.S. in a few months earlier this year. Instead of calling for peace, left-leaning news media and officials redirected the conflicts to President Trump.

Police cars were burned with stores ransacked or ruined. Twenty-five cities in 16 states were forced to impose curfews. This includes almost all the largest cities in the U.S. such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, and Seattle. Many of these cities were paralyzed with large numbers of injuries or even deaths.

Experts familiar with communism activities saw similar traits in these riots. This includes Dan Powell of the Victims of Communism. “When you see the violence you’re seeing the people who are anarchist, antifa and communist,” He said on June 1 in the KMOX Radio in an article titled “Local anti-communist leader says some among protesters want ‘destruction, chaos’.”

“They’ll take advantage of this situation to create chaos,,” he added, “They want death to the police. They want to abolish the police, we saw that in Ferguson where someone had a sign with an anarchy symbol that said, ‘Abolish the police.’ They want destruction, they want to break things because they want chaos.”

This is similar to the situation in China, when communism stirred up chaos in the early days. The slogan “You cannot rebuild until you break it all the way down” mentioned above is not only part of the Manifesto from Marx, but also has similar phrases in CCP doctrine, “Only by smashing the Old World, can you build a new world.”

Strangely enough, few city governments in the U.S. challenged this situation and some even blocked law enforcement by police. This highlights that the acquiescence of communism goes beyond those looters.

Misinformation by News Media

While the Trump administration intended to correct the appeasement policy towards the CCP, the resistance he has been facing is huge. Since he became president in 2017, the left has constantly launched activities against him, including the Russia investigation and impeachment.

The situation deteriorated during the 2020 election season. Statistics shows that over 90% of reports about Trump from the three major news networks (ABC, NBC, CBS) was negative. On the other hand, these media hardly covered the laptop scandal of Biden and the election fraudulence.

Most other major media have also played a similar role. From New York Times to CNN, none of them questioned the fairness of the election or followed up with investigations.

On November 14, hundreds of thousands of American citizens gathered in Washington D.C. for a large rally to support Trump and call for an investigation of election fraud. But the Washington Post and CNN decreased the number to thousands, and depicted the peaceful event as one with potential danger to the public.

What kind of news media has done something similar in the past?

After the coronavirus epidemic broke out, the CCP officials suppressed information, punished whistleblowers, and openly denied the human-to-human transmission.

But this was not the first time the CCP has done so. After the Tiananmen Square Massacre, CCP officials also denied the slaughter despite a large amount of evidence and video footage. Similarly, after 45 million people died in the Great Chinese Famine between 1959 and 1961, CCP officials also denied it and treated it as taboo for scholars.

Vladimir Lenin said, “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” How far are we from the threshold of being communism?

Political Correctness

By now, many people may have realized the seriousness of political correctness in the West. But few people understand its deep connection with communism.

“Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small,” wrote Theodore Dalrymple, journalist and psychiatrist, “In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better.”

“When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity,” he continued, “To assent to obvious lies is in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed.”

But rectifying this issue is very difficult. Once Trump announced his intention to do so, he has been under attack almost all the time. Under the umbrella of political correctness, however, same sex marriage became a norm, legalization of marijuana faced minimal resistance, unisex restrooms are considered an improvement, and law enforcement by police is treated like a criminal activity.

In the name of equal rights or progressiveness, culture is ruined, moral values have deteriorated, and the free world is on the verge of collapse.

Scholars have found that all these had happened in the past in communist nations and every time it has brought dire consequences. As the CCP suppressed the landlords to take over their lands, it labeled them enemies of the state; what happened next was confiscation of property from business owners, and mistreatment of intellectuals – until all the traditional values and human dignity were wiped out just like that in the Cultural Revolution.

The manifestation of communism mentioned above requires our diligence and joint efforts to resolve. On the positive side, the Berlin Wall has already come down, the Soviet Union has dissolved, and communism in East Europe has also ended. Inside China, over 360 million people have announced to quit the CCP organizations after the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party was published in 2004.

As long as we can follow our conscience and act uprightly, we would be able to drive away the specter of communism, for it to die out under the sunlight. At that point, what waits for us is a brighter tomorrow.


074. Giuliani Promises a ‘Mountain’ of Evidence, Only a ‘Small Amount’ Revealed So Far

Giuliani Promises a ‘Mountain’ of Evidence, Only a ‘Small Amount’ Revealed So Far

By Jack Phillips
November 26, 2020 Updated: November 26, 2020

President Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani claimed on Wednesday night that the team has a significant amount of evidence that could overturn the overall result of the election.

Giuliani told Fox Business host Lou Dobbs that the Republican state senators in Pennsylvania “seemed to be very impressed with the evidence” that was presented at a hearing in Gettysburg earlier in the day. In that hearing, Giuliani called on the state senators to try and halt the certification of the election or send up their own electors to the Electoral College due to voter fraud.

“They don’t want the American people to hear the evidence of fraud,” Giuliani said of how the media has reported on their allegations, along with Big Tech censorship, and claims to the contrary made by mostly Democratic election officials in various states.

“We have a mountain of evidence. We only put out a small amount of it as representative of what we have,” Giuliani said on Fox.

During the hearing, Trump’s legal team brought up several witnesses who told the GOP lawmakers about alleged irregularities and unusual incidents that should call the results of the election in Pennsylvania into question.

In the event, the former mayor of New York City noted that his team filed lawsuits to overturn 672,000 votes—which would easily flip the state from Democrat Joe Biden to Trump. Commonwealth Judge Patricia McCullough on Wednesday ordered the state not to take any further steps to complete the certification of the election results, including all other election results in Pennsylvania.

It also came as the U.S. Third Court of Appeals granted its team a “motion for emergency expedited review … at the direction of the court.”

“I know crooks really well. You give them an inch, they take a mile. You give them a mile, they take the whole country,” Giuliani said during the hearing, claiming that election officials engaged in a scheme to fix the election.

The office of Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar, a Democrat, responded to Giuliani’s and the witnesses’ claims by calling them “tired conspiracy theories” that have been “debunked” by courts, although she didn’t respond to the team’s recent legal successes.

“Continuing to repeat these falsehoods in front of the cameras only harms the democracy that so many Americans have died to protect,” a spokeswoman for Boockvar told ABC News.

Other than Boockvar, several other secretaries of state in Georgia, Michigan, and Arizona have said they’ve seen no evidence of voter fraud or irregularities that would overturn the election.

Gov. Tom Wolf, also a Democrat, announced that he signed off on certifying the election in the state for Biden.

But in the Fox interview, Giuliani said the Keystone State would be “committing perjury” by certifying the election results, adding that the state’s legislature could instead certify Trump as the winner.


073. Witnesses in Battleground States Have Similar Claims of Fraud and Irregularities: Giuliani

Witnesses in Battleground States Have Similar Claims of Fraud and Irregularities: Giuliani
By Tom Ozimek
November 26, 2020 Updated: November 26, 2020

President Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani said at a Wednesday hearing in Pennsylvania that the type of election fraud witnesses described in the Keystone State also occurred in other battleground states.

“What we’re going to describe to you, with these witnesses, happened in roughly the same way in Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Georgia—the primary device was mail-in ballots,” Giuliani said at a Senate Republican Policy Committee hearing in Gettysburg.

The alleged fraudulent mechanism Giuliani described had “several dimensions to it, several different ways in which it was done.”

One of these dimensions, Giuliani said, was that Republican poll watchers were prevented from inspecting mail-in ballots in Philadelphia, Allegheny County, and “one or two other counties.” He said that 672,000 mail-in ballots entered in Allegheny County and Philadelphia were “not observed by any single Republican.”

“You know how important that is to determining whether it is a valid ballot or not,” he said in reference to the ability to inspect mail-in ballots. “There’s only one time you get to do that and that’s when you separate the envelope that possesses the verifying information from the ballot. The moment you separate them, you can no longer verify.” Guiliani called the moment at which ballots are separated from envelopes “prone to fraud,” while witnesses described being prevented from adequate monitoring during that critical phase.

Justin Kweder, a lawyer and certified canvass observer from Philadelphia, said at the hearing, “What I saw was problematic to say the least.”

“The observers were not able to challenge any decision or determination being made about the processing of these mail-in ballots,” Kweder said. “No civilian oversight over hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots. Zero opportunity for observers to observe, challenge or inspect the mail-ins being opened. I find this to be an issue and to be irregular,” he added.

Kim Peterson, a poll observer from Pittsburgh, said: “The closest was about 20 feet and you could not see at all. The envelope, the ballot itself, where they were stacking them, anything that was required that we were being able to see.”

Another dimension of the irregularities noted by Giuliani was chain of custody breakage issues, as detailed by a witness from Delaware County, who described a situation in which data on USB cards was uploaded to voting machines by a warehouse supervisor without being observed by a poll watcher, which he said he witnessed at least 24 times.

The same witness said the chain of custody had been broken on multiple occasions, including around mail-in ballots, the balance of votes from drop boxes, and USB card flash drives, in violation of procedures defined by the Delaware County Board of Elections and the election process review. “They didn’t follow one,” he said.

Giuliani characterized the election in Pennsylvania as a “sham” and alleged that “crooks” staged an illegitimate vote. He said: “We don’t want to disenfranchise anyone. We want to disqualify 672,000 votes so 72 million people are not disenfranchised, because that’s what happened by the cheating that went on here.”

The former New York City mayor also suggested to Pennsylvania GOP state senators that they have the power to vote and choose their own electors, saying that the Constitution stipulates that state legislators have the authority to nullify a state’s electors and can send their own to the electoral college. Pennsylvania’s House and Senate are both controlled by Republicans. The electoral college meets on Dec. 14.

Pennsylvania Senate Democrats, in response to the GOP hearing, said Giuliani is “[peddling] unsubstantiated voter fraud claims in any place that will have him” and won’t accept the “loss with grace or a modicum of dignity.”

On Tuesday, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, a Democrat, announced that the results of the election were certified by the Secretary of State’s office. Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and Michigan’s Board of Canvassers also certified their elections, although legal challenges are pending.

However, Pennsylvania Commonwealth Judge Patricia McCullough on Wednesday ordered the state to not take any further steps to complete the certification of the presidential race. She also blocked the certification of all the other election results.

Democratic Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar said she has seen no evidence of voter fraud or mass irregularities that would overturn the election results in the state. State data shows that Biden leads Trump by about 80,000 votes. Other secretaries in other states where the results are being challenged have echoed those claims.

Ivan Pentchoukov, Janita Kan, and Jack Phillips contributed to this report.

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