272. New US bill unveils sweeping effort to counter China aggression;

New U.S. legislation aims to counter communist China. The bill will confront nearly all of Beijing’s aggressive behavior. The White House says its upcoming renewable energy programs will create new U.S. jobs. But it seems the plan could make more jobs in China instead, and they could involve forced labor. The Philippines is invoking an old treaty with the U.S. It says an assault on Filipino territory is the same as an assault on U.S. territory. That’s as South Korea boosts its cost of hosting U.S. troops there. All of the new actions target Beijing’s aggression in the South China Sea. A report says an enraged homeowner killed a high profile gang member in China. That’s after authorities asked a group of thugs to forcibly tear down local houses. Now, authorities are covering up the incident. And a heartbreaking story follows a 13 year old girl as she fights for justice. Police and even her parents failed to help her after a violent kidnapping and assault. So she’s turning to social media to get her message out.

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