086. (Video) ‘China runs the show’: Milton Ezrati on the risks of doing business with a communist regime

In this special episode, we sat down with Milton Ezrati, chief economist at Vested, and Steven Shaerer, China policy expert and author of “Surviving Chinese Communist Detention.” They gave their insights into the dangers of doing business with a communist regime. Ezrati said, “If China gains the upper hand, it is going to be effectively a, forgive me for being blunt, almost a situation with an empire where China runs the show, and everyone else pays tribute or, and gets what they can. But everything is done out of Beijing. And now a lot of people might say the United States did that. And I’m not saying the United States is always equitable in its dealings with people. But the United States primarily was pushing for free trade until recently.” Schaerer said, “The biggest kind of problem right now is that we’re funding our own demise through these kinds of channels that go back into the Chinese coffers. And that money is then used to attack us through all the different mediums that were originally written about and discussed in books like ‘Unrestricted Warfare’ that were written by the PLA [ People’s Liberation Army] to literally destroy and replicate the United States … And also being kind of well-read on the subject, whether that’s my book, but that’s other books, that are kind of written about the issues that are happening with China, the ongoing relations with the United States and China. But really kind of curbing that investment and putting that money into other free countries, democratic countries that value human rights, like India, like Japan, like South Korea, like Singapore, or other countries outside of Asia, that kind of mirror the same philosophy—that’s a huge thing that we could be doing right now. We have to all advocate for that.”

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