366. (Video) Live Q&A: Trump Launching “History Tour”; Emails Reveal How Virus Origin Was Framed | Crossroads

Donald Trump is planning to hold a series of four live conversations in December with Bill O’Reilly, branded as “The History Tour”. And in other news, emails from Dr. Fauci reveal how the narrative that the COVID-19 virus came from natural sources was framed. In this live Q&A with Crossroads host Joshua Philipp we’ll discuss these stories and others, and answer questions from the audience.

365. (Video) Another elephant herd in southwest China; Oxford study: no bats sold in Wuhan in 2019

Chinese residents liken a quarantine site to a concentration camp in the city of Guangzhou. The facility was set up to combat a surge in the CCP virus there. While under at-home quarantine, a group of Chinese citizens were seen crying out to nearby authorities for help. They explained they’d been stuck inside for days without food. A communist party official, murdered at the university he works for. A lecturer is the main suspect, and police say he was motivated by employment issues. For the first time ever, a Chinese scientist is going on trial in the U.S. That’s for hiding his research work in China, while taking government grants. And another herd of elephants are on the move in southwest China. The group comes after a separate band of 15, who caught the public eye with a more than 300-mile march.

364. (Video) Sam Cooper Talks Fentanyl, CCP Infiltration, & Communist China’s PPE Buyback Scheme

In Canada, transnational criminals are exploiting government casinos to import deadly narcotics into Canada. And they’re laundering billions of dollars into real estate in Vancouver, the most expensive housing market in all of North America. Behind all this crime are hidden links to China’s Communist Party. This is detailed in a new book by investigative journalist Sam Cooper, titled “Wilful Blindness: How a Criminal Network of Narcos, Tycoons and CCP Agents Infiltrated the West.” It is the result of ten years of research and reporting. In this episode, Sam Cooper reveals what he discovered.

363. (Video) Pentagon unveils supply chain review findings; Biden revokes ban on TikTok, WeChat | China in Focus

President Biden removes restrictions on social networking apps TikTok and WeChat. The Commerce Department will now review the Chinese-made software, examining claims that the apps pose national security risks. The U.S. Senate passes a bipartisan bill to help the country compete with Chinese technology. New York’s transportation authorities say hackers breached their system in April. They suspect the attackers have ties to Beijing. And neon lights on Hong Kong’s iconic mountain top commemorate a pro-democracy protest. The spectacle marks the 2nd anniversary of the city’s anti-extradition movement.

362. (Video) Can America Rein in China? |Conversation between Simone Gao and Miles Yu |Part#1 | Zooming In China

Is China still a Marxist and Leninist country? Is Xi Jinping a true Communist? Can the CCP’s totalitarian system outcompete capitalism? #SimoneGao sat down with Dr. Miles Yu, Secretary Mike Pompeo’s chief China advisor to discuss these questions.

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360. (Video) Police suppress student protests in China; Apple excludes new privacy feature in China

Virus cases are surging in China, but authorities opt to suspend vaccinations there. That’s as questions rise over the efficacy of Chinese-made vaccines. Short incubation period, rapid transmission, and a high viral load. One expert explains the traits he’s most concerned about, of the virus variant spreading in a Southern Chinese city. A rare clash between students and police strikes multiple Chinese universities. To their surprise, the demonstration proved effective. Apple aims to increase privacy for iPhone users. But not in China. The move marks Apple’s latest compromise in order to maintain its services in China. And the White House launches a task force to boost domestic supply chains. The effort to increase U.S. production seeks to make the country more competitive against China.

358. (Video) 11 parliaments move to boycott China’s Olympics; Microsoft appears to censor 1989 tank man image

18M virus tests in three days. Empty supermarket shelves. This, as a new virus spike in a Southern Chinese city makes officials nervous. Lawmakers in the U.S., the European Union, and nine other countries take action to combat Beijing’s 2022 Winter Olympics. The politicians are urging their governments to boycott the games. China’s censorship extends to the U.S. on the anniversary of a violent crackdown. Microsoft search engine Bing seemed to block an iconic image of China’s Tiananmen massacre on June 4th. Other countries report similar findings. A popular Chinese blogger is sentenced to eight months in jail. His punishment comes after he questioned official Chinese data — related to a recent border clash with Indian troops. And a giant U.S. military jet lands in Taiwan over the weekend. Contrary to the Chinese Regime’s so-called “wolf warrior” reputation, Beijing appeared oddly quiet following the American arrival.

357. (Video) Stand Against the Breakdown of American Freedom; Is U.S. Media Eating China’s Lunch?

More than 120 journalists from almost 50 US media outlets have enjoyed “sponsored” trips courtesy of a Chinese Communist propaganda front organization. —Department of Justice’s Foreign Agent Registration Act (or FARA) filings Tyrannical regimes typically CONTROL-THE-MEDIA to CONTR0L-THE-PEOPLE. History shows us that tyrants’ rise to power typically involves the highjacking of media to push their narrative. Those who doubt that America is under threat of losing its freedoms need look no further than the state of U.S. media’s trend towards totalitarianism-style propaganda. Were truths about the coronavirus suppressed to limit one man’s chance of winning the presidency? Are people’s lives being endangered by false media narratives for the sake of politics? This video includes excerpts from my interview with anti-communist researcher and commentator, Trevor Loudon, setting strategies for how the trend towards tyranny can be reversed in America.