273. How Religion Is Being Twisted to Support Political Agendas

If we look back over the past four years, Trump and many conservatives were criticized for their religious beliefs, and Christianity was attacked by several outlets for its traditional values. This included attacks on the religious beliefs of Amy Coney Barrett when she was being nominated as a Supreme Court justice. Now, the narrative is being flipped to an extent, and to learn more about why this is we sat down for an interview with Dr. Frank Turek, President of Summit Ministries.

272. New US bill unveils sweeping effort to counter China aggression;

New U.S. legislation aims to counter communist China. The bill will confront nearly all of Beijing’s aggressive behavior. The White House says its upcoming renewable energy programs will create new U.S. jobs. But it seems the plan could make more jobs in China instead, and they could involve forced labor. The Philippines is invoking an old treaty with the U.S. It says an assault on Filipino territory is the same as an assault on U.S. territory. That’s as South Korea boosts its cost of hosting U.S. troops there. All of the new actions target Beijing’s aggression in the South China Sea. A report says an enraged homeowner killed a high profile gang member in China. That’s after authorities asked a group of thugs to forcibly tear down local houses. Now, authorities are covering up the incident. And a heartbreaking story follows a 13 year old girl as she fights for justice. Police and even her parents failed to help her after a violent kidnapping and assault. So she’s turning to social media to get her message out.

271. 8 times more soldiers in Taiwan’s military drills; Japan criticizes China over human rights

Large scale annual military exercises in Taiwan. This time, the imagined scenario is a Chinese invasion later in the year. In an unusually harsh tone, Japan expresses serious concerns over Beijing’s human rights record and territorial disputes. South Korea seeks cooperation with the Quad alliance. That’s the U.S., Australia, Japan, and India. At the same time, the German chancellor wishes for more cooperation with Beijing. The real death toll from the pandemic in Wuhan remains a mystery. Videos of packed cemeteries may tell a story different from the official version. And President Biden hasn’t spoken with Xi Jinping about virus origins. His Secretary of State says the U.S. will continue to investigate where the virus really came from.

270. FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr: ‘Glaring Loophole’ in U.S. Policy on Tech from China

The products of Chinese companies like Huawei and ZTE are used widely in America. Under Chinese law, “these companies basically have to fork over any information or data that the Communist Party might be seeking,” says Brendan Carr, a Commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The U.S. has implemented a “rip and replace” policy to remove such products from American systems—but there’s still a big loophole that remains.

269. Peter Boghossian on Woke Ideology: ‘A Recipe for Cultural Suicide’; Case for Defunding Universities

“We can’t just keep funding people who are playing in make-believe-land, cranking out information to inform public policy that’s completely divorced from reality. It’s a recipe for cultural suicide,” says Peter Boghossian, assistant professor of philosophy at Portland State University and co-author of “How to Have Impossible Conversations.” A lifelong liberal and critic of former President Trump, Boghossian believes describing people as left or right is losing utility. It’s those who demand you think a certain way who are on one side, while those who do not are on the other. “We are facing an extraordinarily intolerant dangerous ideology, perpetuated by people who want to rob us of our cognitive liberty,” he says.

268. Live Q&A: WHO Report On Virus Origins Raises Calls for Lab Origin Investigation | Crossroads

After the WHO released its report investigating the origins of the COVID-19 virus in China, its conclusions are now being called into question, and further investigations are raising calls for new investigations into a possible lab origin of the virus. In this live Q&A with Crossroads host Joshua Philipp we’ll discuss this story and others, and answer questions from the audience.

267. Communism Is Harming the Entire World

Former MEP: Communism Is Harming the Entire World
April 5, 2021 | By Minghui correspondent De Long
in Paris, France
Bernard Anthony, a former member of European
Parliament (MEP) from France, said in an interview
on March 27 that he had spent his entire life
combating communism. It is a fight between facts
and lies.
Anthony, 75, used to work in the pharmaceutical
industry in France before he served as an MEP for
15 years. He warned that, although the Berlin Wall
has fallen, communism still exists in China and
keeps expanding globally. Therefore, ending
communism is a responsibility for all of us.
More Dangerous Than the Virus
Anthony said communism had killed at least 100
million people and brought misery to billions of
citizens around the world. This makes communism
more dangerous than the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and it can be considered a virulent variant
of the virus.
Anthony said it is necessary for us to counter the
CCP so that the tragedy that Chinese people are
experiencing will not spread to France and other
parts of the world.
When asked about his motivation for fighting
communism in the past several decades, Anthony
replied that with a deep faith, he has love for his
nation, home, and freedom and thus does not want to
see all those annihilated by communism through its
killing and genocide.
Because the issue of fighting communism is beyond
any one country’s capability, he proposed to tackle
the issue on an international level.
Crime of Genocide
The reporter who interviewed Anthony said there are
many discussions on the genocide committed by the
Nazis, but much fewer talks on the CCP’s atrocity
against Falun Gong practitioners in China. Because
of their belief in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, Falun Gong practitioners have been
severely tortured and some even became victims of
the forced organ harvesting.
Anthony said this is the worst case we could
imagine. For example, there are probably 100 films
on the Nazi crimes, but only one on the brutality of
communism. Therefore, people tend to focus on the
former. In the past few years, Anthony has worked
hard to advance trials against both the Nazis and
communism. For example, he had a meeting in Paris
urging an international court to process crimes
committed by the CCP.
The brutality of communism can be traced back to
the French Revolution, he added. One example is the
War in the Vendee region. The brutality of the CCP
is also unprecedented. Anthony cited former CCP
leader Mao Zedong, who once vowed to kill 100
times the scholars killed during the reign of Emperor
Shihuang in the Qin Dynasty. But based on numbers
of victims from various political movements, the
number of intellectuals Mao actually killed was at
least one thousand times that during the rule of
Emperor Shihuang, who executed 400 scholars. Communism Is an Evil Religion
Anthony said communism is not something new.
Although it appeared as state power for the first time
when the Soviet Union was established in 1917, its
theory had existed long before that. Some people
believe there were ideologies similar to communism
in Europe during the Middle Ages. Their common
grounds are confiscation of private property,
abolition of family, taking wives from others, and
cutting off ties between parents and children. With
all these changes, the only thing left is pursuit of
materialistic pleasure.
All these indicate that communism is a demon, a
man-made disaster that has infested the world.
Ironically, although communism opposes religions
on the surface, it is essentially a demonic religion
itself. With Marxism as doctrine and communist
members and administrators as clergy, it has
possessed ultimate power.
In China, for example, the CCP has infiltrated many
religions and brainwashed pastors. As a result, those
people are often spreading the communism ideology
on behalf of the CCP. Infiltration in France
Anthony said communism has been pushed through
various countries including France. It is dangerous to
assume the threat of communism is gone with the
collapse of the Berlin Wall.
Of course, the fall of the Berlin Wall was progress.
But that was not enough. This is because
communism still exists in China, North Korea, and
Cuba. Even in France, its ideologies exist in a subtle,
secret way, especially within the public education
system, universities, and news media.
For example, Vladimir Lenin founded the AllRussian Extraction Commission in 1917. Commonly
known as Cheka, it is a secret police organization.
Certain media in France are playing such roles.
Furthermore, communism has dominated many
cultural areas of the French society.
In addition, France had given many products and
technologies to China. There are actually a number
of lobby groups who unconditionally advocate for
China’s interest. Like former Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin, they have tried all means to reach
deals with communist China.
When he was still a businessman, Anthony said he
had attended forums to sell Airbus airplanes to
China. France also met the request from China to
provide its manufacturing process so that China
would not need to buy airplanes from France several
years later. France had lost these technologies to
China just like a toad unwittingly becoming a prey,
when it is charmed by the opened mouth of a cobra.
Not Collaborating with CCP in Any Form
In a recent article, Anthony emphasized that we
should know that the threat from the CCP not only
affects Chinese people, but also other countries.
China has stolen many industries from France. When
selling products to China, France also gave away
technologies. This happened in the aircraft industry
and some other businesses. Anthony said the current
situation with the pandemic is disappointing.
Coming from the pharmaceutical industry, he knew
France once dominated in pharmaceuticals. But those days are gone, because the CCP has taken
control of both the economy and ideology.
One may wonder why China wants to develop
aircraft carriers or equip nuclear weapons on its
intercontinental rockets. Apparently, invading
Taiwan is not its end goal. Expanding its military
power to other regions fits its agenda of securing its
economic dominance.
Citing quotes from Pope Pius XI, Anthony said
communism is fundamentally evil and history had
proven this. Therefore, to preserve our civilization,
we should not collaborate with communism in any
Raising Awareness
Letting more people know these facts through radio
and television stations is very important, said
Anthony. Thousands of people from various
backgrounds had supported him for an international
trial against communism. But it still has not become
a reality. For the Nazis, the Nuremberg Tribunal had
executed key criminals. Right now, the focus is not whom to execute; Rather, we need to explain facts of
history and establish a detailed record.
Anthony said the society we are living in is messy,
but we have to face it. The education system has
flaws and the media system has been infiltrated. That
is why more independent and free radio and
television networks are needed. We need to work on
building these networks because it is not fighting for
an ideology, but a battle for truth.

266.How Race Is Weaponized


“Do not use justice for blacks as an excuse to destroy this nation,” says Bob Woodson. A veteran of the civil rights movement, he argues that the legacy of the civil rights movement is being perverted and weaponized to punish whites. Today, we discuss the devastating human cost of the “race grievance industry” he believes is gripping America today.

265. Live Q&A: MLB Georgia Boycott Followed China Deal; Trump Starts Boycotts

Shortly before joining a boycott of the state of Georgia over a disagreement with its election reform legislation, Major League Baseball had extended and expanded a contract with a Chinese telecommunications company. And as the MLB and other countries are initiating boycotts of Georgia, Donald Trump is calling for boycotts of MLB and other companies in one of his first moves in grassroots activism. In this live Q&A with Crossroads host Joshua Philipp we’ll be discussing these stories and others, and answering questions from the audience.

265. Tombstone Redemption

92-Year-Old Man’s Confession Is a Testimony of the Brutality of the Chinese Communist Party

April 3, 2021 | By Sun Qiang(Minghui.org)

There was an article circulating online in 2012 about a 92-year-old man who requested his family include six accounts of guilt on his tombstone. His family was hesitant since people usually record their merits and achievements on their tombstones, not wrongdoings.

But the man was insistent. Reflecting on his journey of life, he was always regretting over these sins, leaving his soul tortured. Again and again, he had pleaded to Buddha for forgiveness. Buddha smiled at him, but did not say a word. That is why he decided to record his sins and begged for forgiveness, so that his soul would rest in peace.

This man’s surname is Xu and he was born in 1920. It is unclear whether he is still alive today. He life journey has been a testimony of the brutality of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). “This is repentance from a 92-year-old citizen. But how many more people need to repent over their sins?” wrote this article.

Below is the testimony of the man.

* * *
First Account: Taking Watches from Dead American Pilots

In March 1942, one aircraft from Flying Tigers (The First American Volunteer Group, AVG) crashed into the woods behind my village. Two pilots parachuted out and landed at the hill of Erlang Mountain.

At that time I was cutting firewood in the area. After rushing there, I saw the parachutes hung on trees and the two pilots lying on the piles of rocks with blood all over. I got close and found both of them had died. I stood there for a while and somehow had the weird thought of checking if they had any valuables. In the end, I took both of their watches.

The next day, township government (Republic of China) sent someone to move the bodies to Chongqing. When people carried them past the village, I stayed in my home and dared not go out looking. I was ashamed of myself: gosh! These Americans came here to help us fight the invading Japanese. We should be very thankful, but I instead took their watches. Was I a human being?

I felt bad since then. In 1948 I could not hold it any more. I borrowed some money as travel expense and went to Chongqing. I then threw both watches into the Jialing River as a way of returning them to the pilots. I then felt a little better.

I am an ordinary person. When the Republic of China government called for people to enlist to fight the Japanese, I joined the army. When the troop arrived in Fuling, however, I fled as a deserter. After the CCP took power in 1949, there were many political campaigns condemning the Kumintang (KMT, ruling party of the Republic of China), I even publicly criticized it for conscription.

I felt so bad, because I have let down my forefathers and ancestors. Millions of fellow Chinese had joined the army and sacrificed for our country. Who still remembers them after the CCP took power in 1949? We have erected merit monuments for them and for the Flying Tigers, because they are true heroes. For me, I only deserve a tombstone of guilt.

Second Account: Killing a Landlord in Land Reform

Representatives from the land reform task force came to my village in 1951 to push forward this campaign and kill landlords. In fact, several landlords in the village were nice and generous, and they got along well with villagers. Although the task force officials held meetings every day, instigating villagers to attack the landlords, there was little progress after two weeks.

Supervisor Hu was impatient. He came to me and another two young men in the village, saying there was a quota from the county that one out of three landlords in our village needed to be killed. Since the class struggle meeting did not go well as he had planned, he hoped we could help call out slogans. This way, at least the meeting would continue.

Somehow I was muddleheaded and agreed. During the meeting that evening, I was the first one to call out, “Down the local tyrants and evil gentry!” “We support land reform!” “Eliminate the landlord class!” Several other young men also joined me.

Seeing the meeting warmed up, Hu loudly reprimanded a landlord named Zhao Renhou and listed his “crimes” of exploiting farmers.

“Don’t you agree Zhao has exploited us?” he raised his voice and asked the crowd.

“Yes, he is!” replied several of us who had the pre-meeting the day before.

“Should we execute him?” he continued.

“Yes!” we answered loudly.

“Now several of you push him out,” he ordered.

We then took Zhao from the meeting out to the yard.

As soon as we got there, Hu asked us to stand by the side. Then there was a gun shot, followed by another one. Zhao collapsed to the ground. All the villagers were shocked. We did not know to “execute” him would mean to kill him. We thought it was driving him out of the meeting place. This way, we lost our conscience and caused Zhao’s death. What an enormous sin!

Third Account: Not Saving a Rightist in Time

Several years later, the Anti-Rightist Campaign started. One intellectual came to the village in 1957 and his last name was also Hu. We heard that his crime was attacking socialism and communism. Hu was thin and weak, as if wind could strike him down. He joined labor work in the people’s commune during the day and kept coughing. At night, he slept at a deserted temple on the edge of the village. The village head treated him badly. We also stayed away from him to avoid trouble.

On the 10th day after Hu came, I went to the pond near the village in the morning to water the land. Suddenly I saw him struggling in the water, and I knew it was a suicide attempt out of despair. I was then debating myself: If I save him, it could bring me trouble; If I do not save him, it is a human life after all. After a while, I jumped in the pond to save him in the end. But it was too late and he had drowned already. Later on, several militiamen came and buried him by covering him with some hay.

In the past few decades, I felt remorse whenever passing there. Although he was hopeless and was killing himself, and saving him might mean more suffering, he was nonetheless a human being.

Four Account: Resorting to Eating the Flesh of a Corpse During the Great Famine

Then there was the notorious Great Leap Forward in 1958. Everyone was bragging, claiming tens of kilos of grains per mu (hundreds of times higher than the actual yield). It was also reported that all barns in the villages were filled to the top.

All these were lies. The harvest was normal, but no one harvested the crops, as all the strong villagers were busy “producing” steel in the backyard furnaces. People’s commune officials led us to fill hay in the barns. We also put some grain on the top for inspection by higher officials.

All these led to the Great Chinese Famine between 1959 and 1961. Lots of people in the villages died, including my parents, wife, and some relatives. My two children and I miraculously survived. When there was no food and in such desperate state, I cooked the flesh of my cousin’s corpse… It’s too gruesome to describe further, but this is an additional sin.

Fifth Account: Disobeying Tradition and Burning Buddha Statues

During the Cultural Revolution, officials forced villagers to pledge loyalty to Mao Zedong, then CCP leader. After removing portraits of forefathers and ancestors, we replaced them with Mao and his right-hand man Lin Biao. Before every meal, we had to pledge our loyalty to Mao, send out best wishes, and sing songs.

During those 10 years of the Cultural Revolution, we did not dare to commemorate our forefathers and ancestors. This was wrong. Furthermore, the militiamen and I had also burned Buddha statues. This is another sin.

Six Account: Grandson Became a Corrupt Officer

My grandson graduated from college in 1990 and had two job options. One option was becoming a high school teacher and another was become secretary for the county officials. I was stubborn, thinking being a teacher had no future. So I insisted my grandson go work for the officials.

Now, my grandson has become a county-level official himself and good at corruption, bribery, gambling, and visiting prostitutes. That is, he became a scourge in the region. It is all my fault!

* * *

In the end, the author of the online article said these wrongdoings were not just this old man’s fault. Instead, it was the tragedy of Chinese people.

Through various political campaigns, the CCP had caused about 80 million deaths, which exceeded the death tolls of the two World Wars. “There are 800 million people in China, how could it be without internal fighting?” Mao once said. He also planned to have political movements like the cultural revolution once every 7 or 8 years.
Three Types of Disgrace

All these were rooted in the CCP, whose core values are class struggle, hatred, brutality and lies.

“Every Chinese person needs reflection like this,” commented a netizen.

“This old man’s repentance is a testimony of the Chinese history and all can be attributed to the CCP,” another one wrote.

“No matter voluntarily or passively, we all committed sins,” someone wrote, “As long as the CCP exists, our nation will be in a state of disaster.”

Renowned Chinese scholar Qian Zhongshu said there were types of disgrace in the era of the Cultural Revolution: the humiliation of the victims, the shame of those persecutors, and the blame of those bystanders. If so, aren’t we responsible for the absurdity to some degree?

One woman said her mother was born in 1918, two years older than the 92-year-old man. Her mother always told her not to do bad things, so she and her siblings had always followed their conscience. Nonetheless, one of her classmates attacked her during a political movement so badly that she lost hope. She attempted suicide – fortunately she was saved.

“I could not understand why so many Chinese went insane and blindly listened to Mao’s incitement to do bad deeds?” she wrote. Therefore, when her employer suggested she join the Party in later years, she said no. She explained that being a CCP member was not an honor. To her surprise, people laughed at her because of this.

The classmate who attacked her later found her, but this woman refused to forgive her. “I am a Christian and my mother told me to pardon others,” she wrote, “But I could not understand why she was so bad and I am unable to forgive her.”

Quitting the CCP

On March 3, 2021, a group of 15 renounced membership in the CCP organizations through the website of The Epoch Times. These organizations also include the CCP’s junior associations of the Communist Youth League and the Communist Young Pioneers.

One of these people was Long Yan. Like other Chinese people, Long was told since childhood that the CCP is good and serves the people. “Gradually we found these were all lies,” she wrote. After overcoming the internet blockade and accessing overseas information, she found that history is different from what she was told. “The CCP has hardly done anything other than harming Chinese people,” she continued.

Long said her parents had worked hard, hoping she and others would succeed and become good people. But at school, what she learned was fake history, fake politics, and fake culture. “How can you become a good person given such an education?” she asked.

Fortunately, she has now learned traditional culture, the real story of Falun Gong, and its principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. It is important to come back to the traditional values, embrace goodness, and reject the CCP, she explained.